mundaysarered (mundaysarered) wrote,

choking on a chunk of gos *takes a sip*

i watched mean girls. woo-hoo! dude, that is so gay, i already wrote a song about it. i dunno, thought maybe i'd get in touch with my 'feminine' side. anyhoo, david called me up the other day. how long has been since david ACTUALLY called me up? i thought i was too loser-y for him already. eh, it was prolly coz no one wanted to hear him rant about his so-called girlfriends again. he's mad at one of his preppy friends, greg? gepito? graham? i don't even remember what the hell his name was, not that i care anyhow. apparently, he is mad at george becoz he is a hypocrite and a social climber. coming from david, that's a laugh. well, im coming back from london on monday. i'll tell you dudes about it when i see ya.
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